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Volunteer’s Diary .

Volunteer’s Diary .

…..The world will be ready for us. When we are ready for the world.

And we’re almost there. Just you wait.

Fietas, a very peaceful

Fietas, a very peaceful place to have lived in until the people where moved out and relocated according to race!

Citizens of Africa

The most southern of all African states should be a kingdom where the reality of the past’s heinous crimes should have sunk in and retribution has been completed. It should be a country in which its citizens no longer vent the excuses of years long forgotten. The Republic should be a land in which dreams [...]

We must get together

. I think love, respect, honor and dignity has gone today, we must get together and set aside our differences and see the changes in the world

I want a better South Africa.

I want a better South Africa.

I want to change the way people think and do things.

My dream is to be in the 2010 team

My dream is to be in the 2010 team. My dream is to play soccer because I really wanna help them to be in top form.

I am what I am

I am a strong person with morals and principals that no one can take away from me. I truly wish to share more and I am privileged to be part of this workshop

Incredible India

“ I want to represent our country outside, and that is because somehow I keep having this urge to make everyone realize that India is not an underdeveloped country. We have our resources, an amazing culture, history – I want to show that to everyone! ”

- Student, Carmel Convent School

Animal Rights

“ Is it alright that just because it is an animal and it can’t speak, we give him a sedative and take out it’s tusk? What if someone comes up to you and gives you a sedative? ”
Student, BlueBells School International, Class 9th