Awaken the Young Citizen

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We began our work in schools with orientation workshops on citizenship with senior school students. Initially called the iPartner Citizenship Workshops because our emphasis was on the “partnership” we were seeking with each student, within an ambit of mutual respect and understanding.

Launched 4 years ago these workshops were first conducted with 10 elite schools in Delhi, moving to government run Kendriya Vidylayas scattered all over the city. Our network spanned a total of 29 schools as the students shared their dreams and aspirations with us, expressed what they would like to change in their country and began to recognize that they could initiate this change even in their current role as school students!

It was energizing to see them understand the power of their choice. To ask the uncomfortable question. To not walk past an outrage on the street, pretending one did not see. To feel, to care and draw strength from a new understanding of themselves as proactive citizens.

These workshops have been conducted in Jaipur over the past two years, during the Jaipur Literature Festival, bringing together privileged school children with young people active in NGOs from the surrounding areas. It was an eye opener for the urban children to discover how their rural counterparts live!
Report on Jaipur Workshops – pdf

South Africa has been another shore to which these workshops have been taken. Youth Empowerment workshops at Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg looked upon the participants as key stakeholders in the process of nation building. This year too the workshops will carry forward the process of empowerment with other youth groups within these cities.
Report on South Africa Workshops – pdf

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