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HANDS ON HABITAT is a conservation program that seeks to empower a new generation of individuals to clean up and care for designated areas, to protect and improve their natural reserves.

We seek to bridge the gap between the conceptual learning of the classroom and a physical hands-on education, through the natural living laboratories of the Delhi Ridge and the Yamuna Flood Plains.

Member schools will adopt areas of land on the Delhi Ridge where they will learn a range of sustainable life skills whilst taking part in projects that range from energy audits to biodiversity protection and waste reduction. The program will work to ensure that what is taught within the classroom, is put into practice outside the classroom. At the same time, empowering the students with a sense of self-worth and community participation.

Through the study of biodiversity, students will start to see more clearly the invisible connections that bind our lives to other life forms. As they come to understand these connections, they will gain a new perspective on their place in the natural world. And in the process, they learn not only how to better protect the living things on which they depend, but also how to create a more sustainable and responsible society.

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  1. i am a student of Bluebells School …..i loved working wid u all n want 2 take part in such activities….plzzzz if could could be informed about such activities in school or even outside school

  2. it is a wonderfull exprience and the safai sena is too good

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