Waste Recycling workshop at St. Columba’s School

The St. Columba’s boys participated in a Waste Recycling workshop, as part of their Hands on Habitat project. The group was guided by Mrinalini Chawla from the Center forĀ  Creative Expression, who has a deep passion for the arts and has been conducting waste recycling workshops, also known as Kabbad Se Jugaad, for some years now!

After an introductory session, where the boys spoke about the importance of recycling and why recycling makes a difference to ecology, they did a creative visualization to connect with their intent. This was followed by breaking loose of their creative instincts which got them to make some amazing recycled envelopes and paper bags! These items will be on display at the St. Columba’s Eco Fest “Panchatatva” on the 23rd Oct within the school premises.

Some pictures from the workshop:

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