My Moment of Truth @ “Being Human” , Durban

During one of the sessions of the “Being Human” workshops at the Krishna Rabilal Foundation in Merebank, Durban, the participants were asked to write about fears: what they think fears are, why we are fearful and what can be done to resolve these fears. What these youngsters came out with are some astoundingly true insights about the nature of our fears. Read on for some of their thoughts:

“I believe my fears lead from one to the other because I do have a fear of failure and it also leads to my fear of loss because if I fail I feel as if I can’t do anything about it. I also tend to work hard at frst and the get lazy along the way. It happened in school and in college. I have a big fear of being embarrassed and it comes from my fear of failure.”

- A 19 yr old from Durban, South Africa.

“Death is one of my worst fears. Because I wonder where people go when they die. I fear I will miss my family. I never really bothered about people who died until I lost a friend. Now I wonder if he misses being a scholar, a friend, a son, a brother… I wonder where he has gone and if there really is a heaven and hell. I know we all have to die someday but I guess I don’t want to DIE. I keep thinking if people know when they’re dead do they feel the same???”

– Tina Mafu

“All of us have fears in us…but what is a fear?? Fear is actually the ability to create things out of nothing. People’s beliefs have the power of creating things out of void, change the inevitable and destroy the immortal. A good example is our belief in religion. No one alive today has ever seen or touched God in its physical form, yet we know he’s there with us throughout our everyday actions and duties. I believe people’s fears have created a God, who feeds on our beliefs!”

– Mason Heath

“I have always been the kind of person that needs companionship. I fear most amongst other things being alone. I need to have constant company. Sometimes when I’m alone for a long time, I tend to go within myself to such an extent that I may lose connection with the physical realm. I constantly need to have human contact in order to feed off or contribute towards their energy. One of my biggest fears is the fear of being “normal”, in the sense of falling into a routine of mundane existence.”

- Aamir Abdul

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