Feedback from the “Being Human” workshops with CFL, Johannesburg

Feedback from some of the participants of the BEING HUMAN workshops at Conquest for Life, Johannesburg, 21 – 22 September 2010.

“The BEING HUMAN workshop has inspired me so much and look to different aspects of being a human being. It has focused me to look to a better side, to become what I really want to and help me focus on my future plans. And that being human has great potential at living a healthy wealthy good life, had much fun and much experience.”
- Ilana Phillis

“For me very good to know youth from this area. Inspiration for me as a parent of 3 kids. Also help me gain appreciation of being human. Puneeta is a good motivator and knowing her was good.”
- Crystal Phillis

“It was one great workshop with a lot of fun and activities. I learnt a lot about love, giving it and receiving it. Respecting yourself and those who are around you. How to speak with your Inner Self. I think it is nice to understand yourself so that you can reach your goals in life.”
- Senoela Mokebisa

“What I learnt today is how to communicate within myself and how to be open about how to resolve your burning issues, how to resolve conflict between two different people and not forgetting to respect each other.”
- Tshidiso Matloga

“I am an ex convict who was released this year on parole and I think and believe that I changed. So this program I strongly believe, is contributing to my inner being, in terms of making me accept change.”
- Themba Nhlapa

“I am a young man who wishes for a better life. I intend in furthering my studies s they say Education is better than money, Education is the key to success. I am starting now to empower my self and use every opportunity I come across in life, whether job training, studying, attending workshops. My dream is to work at a professional job, get married and live a better life.
I personally enjoyed every activity done during the workshop and am grateful for the opportunity of attending the workshop. It taught me different things about being human and how to value life.”

- Karabo Mjathi

“The workshop has been great. I’ve learnt a ot the past two days especially to solve conflict, communicating with each other. The thing that makes me tick I wasn”t sure of. I’ve learnt to be grateful for things I took for granted, how to love and respect more and how dignity plays a big role in our life. Puneeta really made an effect and has had to be really patient. We are really thankful and may God bless her.”
- Halley Moses

“I am a very shy person but I’m good at listening to people and taking their problems with me. I would like to have my own dancing school and change young people’s lives. I like being a good example to everyone around me. I’m 18 years old and I don’t know what to do after this year, but I‘m going to try and go to school and better my life.
The Being Human workshop taught me respect and too many ways of loving myself and everyone around me.”
- Mbali Mbuyisa

“The facilitation helped me to access who I am where I am going and what to expect in life, because of the person I am towards others. It taught me what are the values and qualities of being human and how to adjust in every situation you are in.”
- Ipeleng Magoai

“First of all respect yourself and then you can learn to respect the other person. It taught me how to never put people down. I leant how to meditate – I didn’t know what meditation was about until we had a session on it.
I loved the conflict session because people were expressing their feelings according to their everyday life, and believe you me, it was very painful to know that some people have bigger problems than us. Knowing who you are is the biggest role a person can ask for.  Much appreciated.”

- Leroto Sono

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