My Moment of Truth @ the “Being Human” workshop, Johannesburg

The ” Being Human” workshops were conducted at “Conquest for Life”, an NGO based in Johannesburg on the 21st and 22nd September 2010. Centered around the main issues of the community as well as issues such as Integrity, Inner Conflict, Love and Respect, the workshops made participants delve very deep to search for the meaning of these terms and brought out many questions…and many answers as well.

This poem was written at the end of Day 1, after our sessions on energy, unconditional love, respect and dignity and how best we can resolve difficult conflicts. The participants were divided into groups to present a situation of conflict and how best it could be resolved. So Judy wrote this poem while Thabo enacted it out brilliantly!


The shattering in my heart
The hollowness in my soul…
When last did I feel Gratitude?
How cruelly Dignity was stripped from me!
If I can’t be patient,
My ability to respond becomes past history.

I am crawling, struggling and falling
Praying and hoping for a better Tomorrow…
How heavy is the energy!
Am I the energy, is the energy within me?
I am broken and torn.
Even a sculptor could not bend clay as badly I have been bent.

And so I rise.
No more to be defeated
By the silent voices in my head
That tell me I can’t
I am not good enough
And I will never be!

In my bloodstream
I cleanse the hate
The anger and the feelings of uselessness….

I am the greatest being ever created.
The God in me says “Yes”….
And so I feel
The best is yet to come!
- Judy Tsutsa
Student of Life

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