Sri Ram School, Moulsari reaches out to fight Child Mortality in India

The Tehelka Foundation team addressed a group of 300 students from classes VI to XI at the Sri Ram School , Moulsari in Gurgaon on 9th September. The introductory interaction, which is meant to be continued in the form of a community outreach program, went really well and the students, seniors and juniors alike, were deeply affected by what they learnt.

The interaction started with the screening of the short film based on community engagement to make them understand their role and responsibility in changing the world around them and breaking out of patterns of complacency. This was followed by of screening of documentaries based on the issue of Child mortality and a short interaction.

After watching the documentaries the students were astounded to find that a child dies in India every 15 seconds. The students were very keen on making a difference to the situation and suggested various methods to combat the problem.

Nakita Niyogi, a class VII student wrote: “ After watching the movie, I was absolutely horrified at the number of children who die in our country and I am now desperate to make a difference”. She suggests that a group of students should be made which should go slums and jhuggis and spread awareness amongst them on basic hygiene prevention of diseases like Diarrhea, pneumonia, cholera, malaria, etc.

Meenakshi of class VII says “ Gurgaon being a developing city has many construction sites and these sites serve as homes for the construction workers. Most of the children living there are malnourished. Holding awareness workshops for them and distributing clean food and medicines will help”

Shilja Khanna of class IX thinks multinational companies, thriving all around Gurgaon, should donate money for the cause and that the government should send a team of Doctors across these slums to analyze and treat the people free of cost.

“ I think we should make food on our own once a week and give it to the poor people. We could also collect clothes that we don’t use and give it to them” says Pallavi of class VIII.

Sanah suggested that students should organize bake sales and games to collect money and donate them to the poor. It’ll be fun as well as useful!

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