St.Columba’s boys suggest ways to combat Infant mortality

Our community engagement with the theme of child mortality in India took us to St. Columba’s school today, where we’ve been working with a batch of 50 students from the Interact Club, who are a part of our “Hands on Habitat” environment program.

In addition to the Interact Club, it was our first interaction with the senior school boys in this session and the batch of XI grade youngsters responded enthusiastically to the issue.

“It is very heart breaking to know that while we in the urban areas are playing computer games and eating out all the time, there are children dying in the slums because they have none of the facilities we get so easily.” said Rohan Saxena

“We should also spread awareness about family planning and birth control so that they have small families and the finances are less divided and maximum attention be paid to each child”. – S. Rajagopala Rao XI C

I would personally like to go to a jhuggi nearby and check how many children they have, what are the hygiene conditions, and analyze the conditions there. I am dividing my action plan into two parts



  1. Talk to the people about infant and child mortality
  2. Arrange a force of people within the community for self help, services and further awareness.

-Providing hygiene and the right conditions for a disease free settlement.

-Provide proper nutritional support to children and mothers

- Contact nearby hospitals and nursing homes to provide facilities for child- birth.

-         Sidharth Mahesh

“We could also do a kind of picnic in the slum where we go and interact with the children, play with them; share our stories and our food. And from here we can build on a project on child mortality with them”. – Raunaq Chawari

“Students could be motivated to participate because they need to involve themselves in social work to add to their profiles for CCE, GRE, etc.” – Nikhit Mago

Our small session with the Interact Club boys to introduce them to the topic also brought in some great suggestions; Vatsal Sharma of class IX exclaimed, “Its outrageous!! Instead of spending Rs. 36,000 crores on the CWG, the government should have invested in public health.”

“The basic need for all Indians is to create awareness amongst all of us and ensure the people take proper measures to reduce poverty and child mortality. Human life is precious and we must learn to respect and protect it” wrote  Rishabh Shukla.

We hope to be able to carry forward this initiative and convert their empathy into solid action. The students recognized areas like Ashoka Place, slums outside their own school and Harijan Basti near The Hyatt as possible target groups to work with.

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