Volunteer’s Diary

Shashank playing his part in Sapne Aam Aadmi ke

Everyone comes together for “The Salutation” and when the final echos of our cries subside, I look around and see everyone wearing the white Yuva Ekta T-shirts on their torsos and a magnificent grin on their faces! We had all found what we wanted at that moment!

I always bustle in, wondering how on earth do I manage to turn up late every freaking time. It’s maybe an old habit that dies hard! But this year’s Yuva Ekta was very special and it had it’s own share of ups and downs! I always imagined us going one up and outdoing ourselves! And I have a feeling that we did!

It was a heck of a ride, but it was fun!

We started out at the very prestigious Modern School Barakhamba Road. It was an experience, to be a co-facilitator, to actually guide the children, and be guided as well! We had some excellent plays and ideas that came forth and we discussed them, debated them and finally came to the conclusion that however different be our thinking, we ultimately want the same goal!

I remember the numerous mischievous smiles that used to greet me when I used to enter, Some shy “Hello”s, some pat on the backs, some eye contacts! I remember the beautiful gestures for each mischievous act, I remember some intelligent youngsters who made me look very dumb, I remember poking fun at the lot of you! :)

BlueBells has always been my second school (which technically makes it my third home) I used to be there more than any school, apart from my own! Bluebells brought in so much of energy into the workshops that we had to be always at our feet, quite literally! I have seen loads of strong friendships being formed, and hope they remain that way! I personally got a lot closer to my brothers from SBT! We had always been friends, but this year, I laughed with them I cried with them, I talked to them, I found them to be more like me in more ways than I could have ever imagined! I saw a well forged unity in the group that is hard to replicate! Thank you all! :D

I remember the first play I did, a disaster, but fun! I remember, the canteen wala giving me a hard time with the tab! I remember the smiling face of Subu greeting me everyday! I remember the most amazing little acts me and Rijul used to put up! But I also used to remember an intelligence, a maturity in his eyes when he was doing anything! I remember Gauri and how everyone loved her! I remember Dinesh sir, his silent presence, and his timely ideas (unlike me, he believes in speaking only when he has something constructive to say)! I remember Puneeta Ma’am, but there is no one line I can attach to her presence! I remember the Paneer Family, I remember Rijul always making Gagan laugh in the still, I remember Madhav’s walk! And Lalit forgetting his poems! Talking about forgetting, how can WE forget Hari Krishan! :D ! I remember Shahadutt Bhai’s “theherav” and his ” Oh, I see” ! I remember Gopal, Raja, Rasheed and Mahaveer (The chaar chand) :D ! I remember the dhafli and the dholak!

I remember it all, and I will miss it all!

But the thing I will miss the most is,


Love you guys more than you know! And I would Like to thank Ma’am Puneeta for helping me know myself better, I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher! :D !

Shashank Angiras(Facilitator at the Yuva Ekta 2010 workshops)

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