Empowerment Workshops

Empowerment – authentic power within each of us, as opposed to external power.

An empowered person is always aware of the various choices that stretch before him, as well as of their repercussions. With complete consciousness, he makes his choice, taking total responsibility for himself and the Universe.

The route to empowerment is a tough one. It begins with stating simple Intents of forgiveness, of letting go, and moving ahead into realms of Integrity, Transparency and Respect, as the Universe tests your grit and courage to clear your karmic debt. The process is very exciting and rewarding!


Meditation for us, is a State of Being – a state of Relaxed Alertness.It is not an activity about concentration, or about denial of the outside world.Its about Letting Go – allowing all your thoughts to drift through your mind, and releasing them as they float by, so that you gradually enter such a peaceful zone within you, that you are completely Alert.

Having reached this state of relaxed alertness, we then embark on a process of Creative Visualization – of freeing our mind from its conditioning, so as to be able to create scenarios of Love and Joy, and of actively partnering with the Universe to make more responsible choices for ourselves, and others.

The empowerment workshops are interactive workshops where the facilitators share the tools and skills that they use actively in their lives – tools of Free Will, Love as an Energy, the use of Intent and Creative visualization.

These tools become even more powerful when we learn to use them within the context of a Theatre Workshop – as we learn express ourselves, understand our responses to different situations, and thereby become more effective communicators.

When a group steps into the space of the workshop, each person leaves his calling card outside and comes in just as a human being. As the group assembles, the session begins with a short visualization where everyone is connected as a member of the Team, as well as to the Vision of the workshop – towards Empowerment and Fun!

With one’s defenses down, we begin to play….we laugh together, fight one another, challenge everything….as we learn…..about the concept of “Be-ing” versus “Acting”, about visualization as a Tool of receiving energies – of a character, a script, a space….And as we drop our masks for the group to see our vulnerability, we venture into territory we had never explored before…..We discover the Power of Choice – My choice.

That’s the crux of the workshop – understanding that you hold the power within you, to write the script you want for yourself, to choose your co-actors and to direct the flow of love within this scenario, as you respond to each situation.
We empower you with the tools required for you to have fun while doing this.Of course, the more you use the tools, the more skilful an artiste you become.

Such a workshop therefore goes beyond a simple sharing and relaxation one.It challenges you to make the changes within yourself first.And to realize that an empowered individual makes for a great team member! The sky’s the limit then!!!

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