My Letter to the Prime Minister

Students of Apeejay School, Kolkata wrote letters to the Prime Minister expressing their feelings about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy:

Topic: The Bhopal Gas tragedy

Respected sir,

On the 3rd December 1984, a very unfortunate tragedy took place at Bhopal’s Union carbide factory where the leakage of MIC gas claimed the lives of thousands of innocent civilians across the city. It came like a sudden storm at night wreaking havoc and inflicting damage upon clueless and innocent civilians. This is was 26 years ago, but the effects are still felt across the city.

Small Children are still born with deformities at birth and the sight itself is enough to incite angst and fear amongst the people. Effective measures have to be taken to do something for the helpless people who are suffering for no fault of their own. You cannot possibly let the people involved escape scott free after spending only two hours in detention! The system has to change, and its upto you, sir, to do it. Please feel for the victims and try to mitigate their suffrage.

I may not be adept at handling these sensitive issues but I surely do know when people are in agony, which I am sad to inform, some politicians don’t know at all!!!

Soham Banerjee


Apeejay School, Kolkata

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