My Letter to the Prime Minister

Students of Apeejay School, Kolkata wrote letters to the Prime Minister expressing their feelings about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy:


The Prime Minister of India

7, RCR Delhi

Honorable sir,

I often have nightmares of losing my loved ones and the very thought of it tears my heart apart. But can you imagine how it would feel to live with this horrifying reality??

I have often heart about the Bhopal Gas tragedy and never until today has the actual impact sunk into me. During a workshop by the Tehelka Foundation, we were shown a documentary on the disaster and it just shred my heart to bits. The very thought of losing loved ones, cremating them, especially the kids, just makes all this seem so unfair.

Sir, even though no satisfactory steps have been taken, I would like to ask you, what would you have done if you had lost your child who had barely started walking to the tragedy? How would you feel if you cremated him? How would you feel if you knew the guilty were free?

Sir, I wish you would empathize, as a human being rather than sympathize as a decision maker for there is still time to prevent another such disaster. There is still time to save someone from the agony of living the ‘nightmare’.

Thanking you,

Anmol Nautiyal,

An awakened citizen.

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