My Letter to the Prime Minister

Students of Apeejay School, Kolkata wrote letters to the Prime Minister expressing their feelings about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy:


Subject: Better late than Never

As a young citizen if India, concerned about the lives of my fellow countrymen, I’m writing to you in reference to the Bhopal Gas tragedy, which took place in 1984. You have probably received numerous letters like this before, which you and predecessors have kindly ignored, let me assure you sir that such letters will continue to reach you and will not stop until justice is delivered to the Bhopal Victims.

26 years is a lot of time. A quarter of a century has been lost already in the fight for justice, for the lives lost in a matter of seconds that turned Bhopal into a deadly gas chamber. Sir, it is shameful and utterly disgusting to point out our Government’s inaction towards the issue and the dilution of its intensity. Thousands of innocent lives were lost for no fault of theirs. Then why is it that justice has still not been delivered? Why are turning a blind eye to a foreigner and his group of murderers? India is OUR country and we the people have the right to justice. We must be the first priority of our government.

Sir, it is an appeal and an earnest request to you. Justice is due, and is required to be delivered at the earliest. No compensation can account for the lives lost and the pain and suffering faced by the people. But you can surely do your part by ensuring that the culprits are truly punished for their wrongdoings. Please sir, wake up and rise to your human feelings.

Thanking you,

Ashish Kothari

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