My Moment of Truth@Apeejay School, Kolkata

Some feedback from the students of Apeejay School, Kolkata who were part of the “Being Human”  workshops during July and August, 2010.

Suryansh Sodhani

This is the first time I have attended such a workshop and I am very happy and more learned after the workshop. This workshop made me realize that there are plenty of tools all around us to help us survive this ‘ Big Bad World”. These tools come handy in all relevant situations and I guess even I have been able to understand how to use them. One promise which I have made to myself after the workshop is that I will daily, without fail..Meditate! I feel pretty energized and more focused after meditating. So meditation is one of the few tools, which will come as a support during my entire lifetime.

Another thing that the workshop made me realize is what kind of approach I should have towards the relationships we’re part of. The workshop has provided me with a new outlook towards handling various relationships.

One good thing, which I liked about the workshop, is that all participants are given a chance to express their feelings and emotions. This is the first workshop where I have noticed such a trend. All other workshops have just the teachers talking.

The trip where we went to Shanti Niketan was very enjoyable and a memorable one too!! It helped me realize what kind of hardships and helplessness the people of the rural areas face. We people in the urban areas are given all the facilities, which we usually don’t respect. This is one of the lessons I learnt. Life is not just about acquiring all the luxuries of life but also to realize that there exists a world where people don’t even know what luxuries are, leave alone achieving them.

Aishwarya Malik

The workshop was an amazing experience. After this workshop, I’ve realized that I have to stop taking everything for granted like i always did. I can’t express what I’m feeling in words. There are so many things I want to write and share but somehow I don’t know how to. After visiting the villages in Shanti niketan and talking to the locals there, I’ve realized how small our problems are. I mean we get so worried about such little things that don’t even matter. Now I’m grateful for every little thing because I don’t just know I’ve seen people who are deprived of most things. So many people live n just one room there and now I feel kind of ashamed that I got so angry when I had to share my room with my relative for a few days. I also realized after our discussion that how stupid most of my fights were and that too for no reason at all. I mean I could’ve easily resolved them but it was actually my decision to fight.

The meditation in the woods was really nice it was so calm and serene and we didn’t have to pretend to be sitting under a tree since we were already under one.  :)

About making a difference, once I stand on my own feet and make a living I’d love to do something for the villages. Even if I can afford to just have a well-built school, it would make their lives way easier.

Mohit Mendiratta

I really enjoyed the workshop, which made me realize many things about myself. It gave me a chance for emotions to open up. The issue of controlling our emotions helped me a lot. The trip was amazing. It was a lifetime chance for me to enjoy with my friends. The trip gave us a faint picture of the world outside our nutshell. My heart melted when I saw the kids in the train and heard about their situation. It made me realize that we should learn to cherish whatever we have in life. There are many chances I want to bring about in society. I want the children of our country to be educated, which would help them to have a better and brighter future. I would do so because I don’t want to see others facing what I’ve face in the past. I WILL get into politics and clean up the mess for a better future of our country.

Rajat Kothari

I really enjoyed myself during the “Being Human” workshop and would love to e part of it again. It was an enriching time where I learnt how to concentrate, how to focus and how to be myself. I leant that we should always express ourselves and should look at any situation from our point of view, but keeping others in mind.

The workshop helped me become more confident and helped me connect more with the others and myself.

During the trip, I came to know more about the world outside and realized that we can do so much for others without affecting our daily lives. I realized how important nature is for us to survive happily. I realized that we should help everyone around ourselves and how that actually makes us happy within, Suring the whole period I understood why we humans are called the worst animals on earth. That, in a way, answered the first question which had come to my mind when the workshop started- “ what is the need for Being Human?”

Today, I would love to make the world better in any way possible and I’ll never back out on helping people around us. I also firmly agree with the fact that we should do what our heart suggests and not our head.

I would like to reduce the plight of all the beings on earth in every way possible and also make my contribution in making the world a better place to live in.

Ashish Kothari

The workshop on the whole made me realize that it was energy which was responsible for all operations in the world, and not me or anyone else. It made me realize that we had been invited in the world live with our free will, operate all our energies and create and design our own universe. The workshop, “Being Human” really made us understand what a human being was all about.

Our trip to Shanti Niketan as a part of the workshop was nice. Though we had mostly not been able to distinguish how it was different from other trips, I feel that it is this very quality of indifference that defines how it was part of our workshop. There, we were able to understand better the difference between our lives and of those living there. It also created a sphere for us to share emotions and energies with those people and plunge into the depths of understanding what Being Human was about.

What difference am I going to make to the world? Starting on this issue, I would like to say that being a “Human Being” and making my small presence felt to the world is the difference I would like to make. I simply want to pursue my goals and aim in a simple yet innovative way, by taking and giving help when needed. I would love to interact with different kinds of people, share their emotions and energies and understand the true meaning of love and life and also find my true self in the whole process. I would like to be of any good use that I can be to the world, be it only for living as a simple and friendly human being.

Soham Banerjee

Just one word to sum up the entire workshop- refreshing!! Before the workshop, we hardly knew how good we were at certain things. Just one mistake and months of frustration and questions like “why me?” and “am I so bad” , etc. But this workshop made us realize that we are human and not robots. That is why we make mistakes. It opened our hearts out to receive all forms of ‘lovely’ energy and made us more sensitive…from ‘brats’ to ‘boys’!!

The trip was arguably the most exciting part of the workshop. We had just a day in hand, but that was enough to have fultoo masti and also break some bulbs. The lives of the rural people there disturbed us all and the social injustices amongst women and children infuriated us. I hope we get to go there again and sweep out all the filth from that lovely place.

My motive is to remove child labour. On the train seeing those young people begging and selling things just turned me off! I mean childhood is a period of innocence, not torture!! By making these kids work, we are destroying the true essence of their childhood. Hopefully, I’ll be successful in becoming a UN Diplomat and then so something to preserve their childhood.

Tarunima Panwar

It was a great learning experience; it showed us the true meaning of being human and gave us the realization of our true self. It showed me how to respect others, get over my anger and that love is something we all possess and we all can give. It showed me how to express myself in the correct way and forget our ego. How to trust people and believe in God who resides somewhere amongst us all and we should show him to others very often as he gives us unconditional love, the same as our parents. We should also show our love and happiness in the same manner. I learnt how to forgive and forget. It makes life easier. The trip was lots of fun. Talking to the BDO was interesting and even talking to the village girl made us feel grateful to God for giving us such wonderful parents and a much easier life than them. I would like to help the less fortunate by visiting them and instead of giving them money, I’d give them food and clothes and try to create a better livelihood for them. Most importantly, make them feel loved!

Heeya Datta

The workshop “Being Human” was really interesting. The name of the workshop actually reflects what its all about. Being Human means trying to be more understanding and to have control over our emotions. During the meditation, I actually could connect myself with lots of things, which make me happy and take me to a more peaceful world. It made me concentrate on myself and understand “ What am I?” I rally enjoyed the workshop with Puneeta Ma’am and I’d love to be part of it again.

The trip to Shanti Niketan was a little short, but we enjoyed a lot. We stayed in a village called Daronda. We had a discussion about the local area and about how it is developing slowly. When I saw the villagers I realized that I am actually leading a much much better life than them and I should be happy with whatever I have in life.

The world seems to be developing but it still lacks somewhere. I think there should be more opportunities for the poor people. Children should receive free education and women should get the same opportunities as men. As we saw in the village, somewhere the women are still left behind.


The Being Human workshop is clearly one of the best workshops I’ve attended. I had a lot of fun, an had a very good rendezvous with myself and everyone around me.

The trip to Shanti Niketan was really fun filled. I got a very good opportunity to be with my friends. But the most important part was to know about the real hardships faced by so many people in the silent village.

The very first thing I want to make a difference in the world is making everyone feel that they are all equal, and as equal human beings, there is no reason for domination.

Sayan Panda

Being Human was the workshop I was selected for. It was full of fun filled activities. It changed a lot of my life in these two weeks. It also changed my views of handling a situation. I learnt a lot about the real human nature. Each and every activity done there was fabulous.

It took us to a trip in Shanti Niketan, which helped understand many things about villages. It was a beautiful place and the workshop made us connect with the village and its people. I loved the trip a lot even though it was only 2 days and a night. It was lovely..

Now I am going make some changes in the world because I know that it is very much needed. So I am going to write a letter to the PM to tell him to fulfill the need of all the people and specially stop things like child labour.

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