Extending your support to the Bhopalis

The school outreach program with the Bhopalis has been touching children from various schools across Delhi and NCR. Our friends from Bhopal, who have been actively protesting for their rights at Jantar Mantar since the 26th of July, visited a few schools over the past week to tell them the real story of the gas disaster. The response has been heart warming!

The session, which included screening of documentaries based on the subject followed by an interaction with children and activists who have been actively involved in the movement for years now has left a deep impact on the Delhi children. After the initial shock, the students were outraged by the audacity of the concerned authorities and were bubbling with thousands of questions. Shalini, who got involved in the movement as a student activist herself, spoke to the students telling them the basic demands of the Bhopal victims, namely; Socio Economic rehabilitation, Criminal charges against DOW/ Carbide, cleaning up of the toxic wastes and medical and financial aid to the victims.

Students can get directly involved at the dharna. The 10th of August will be the International Day of Action for children at Jantar Mantar, where everyone is welcome to come and express their solidarity to the Bhopalis, through songs, poems, slogans, plays, posters and banners and most importantly by JUST showing up!

Hope to see a lot of us there!

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