“Sapne Aam Aadmi Ke” performed at Kingsway Camp

“Sapne Aam Aadmi ke”,our street play that evolved during the Yuva Ekta Summer workshops by the students of Salaam Baalak Trust, Bluebells School International and St. Mary’s was staged at the Observation Home for Boys II at Kingsway Camp on the 31st July, 2010.

As an extension of our work with the marginalized youth of our generation, our relationship with the Observation home goes back to last year, when we worked with Juveniles in conflict with law at the OHB -II on a play called ‘Mai bhi Insaan hoon’ . Last year’s Yuva Ekta play was also staged there on the 11th June 2009, and we went back to the boys with this year’s play!

After an power packed performance by the Yuva Ekta members, the group interacted with the boys and brought up important questions about their dreams and aspirations. The intense interaction amongst the children concluded in a game of Antakshari which saw the children break into beautiful songs, forgetting all notions of differences between them.The session ended with both the groups singing ” Aye Maalik tere bande hum”  together…in perfect harmony…

We look forward to getting more opportunities to work with the Juvenile’s not only in Kingsway Camp but also at the women’s observation home at Nirmal Chhaya.

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  1. The play was performed really well but the interaction session that followed stayed with me till long after we went. It was really touching how well everybody got along and opened up to each other.

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