Cry for Justice for Bhopal Gas Tragedy Victims

What Bhopalis asked for….   
What the Bhopalis got!!

You may be aware of the increased media glare on the Bhopal gas tragedy issue over the last month. You may also recollect that the Prime Minister set up a Group of Ministers to specifically address the long-standing issues in Bhopal. Unfortunately, the Group of Ministers has proposed a package that seems to be a mere eyewash, falling drastically short of the expectations of the victims of the world’s worst industrial disaster.The Bhopalis are now demanding justice for what they have lost and what is still at stake for them.

The popular outrage evoked by the scandalous court verdict allowing the key perpetrators, including Warren Anderson to get away with little or no punishment was manifest through increased and in depth media attention to the issue.In terms of educating our people and in terms of ensuring that the future course of this history is set right and that justice is done to the victims, WE have a responsibility towards the Bhopalis.

On 26 July, 2010, the Bhopal survivors will begin their month-long dharna in Delhi to pressurise the Government to resolve all pending legacy issues in Bhopal. We request everyone to join hands and stand up for their rights. On the 20th, a delegation of students from Bhopal will arrive in Delhi. Their motive for this visit is to specifically network with Delhi school students and share their stories with them.

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