My Moment of Truth@ Apeejay School, Kolkata

A few responses jotted down by the students of Apeejay School, Kolkata at the “Being Human” Workshops, July 2010. Read on to explore what they experienced:

Ashish Kothari

The mirror exercise was a unique experience. Focusing on the other person’s eyes was initially difficult. Following the other person’s actions seemed funny at the beginning, but as the eye contact grew stronger, it became more of movement that came naturally. Doing the exercise, with different people, I realized with whom I was most comfortable. With each person the connection was different.
The meditation was a soothing experience. It was as if colors moving chaotically came to a more uniform and slow motion. I could feel myself walking in a forest, trodding on leaves, hearing the crisp sound of dry leaves. At the center of it all was a bright circle emitting large amounts of light. I went and sat down in the center and the beams suddenly redirected themselves and came towards my heart. I could feel the light forming a cluster at my heart. The resonating music made me feel like I could hear the voices of the birds. Towards the end of it, I could feel the ground at a distance as if I was free. Everything came to a standstill, with only the breeze blowing.

Gaurav Mitra

After the mirror exercise, which was quite difficult, I went into the meditation. The immediate feeling was of calming  down, and a lot of weight seemed to move out of my brain. Gradually I started visualizing what I was being told and found myself sitting amidst a beautiful forest. As the meditation stretched on and the slow background music started, I visualized ancient times, great warriors and their values in life. The way ancient mythological people lived and their discipline in life seemed to come to me. For a few minutes I really felt that I had left the school boundaries but as the meditation came to an end I returned and felt the hard floor underneath. But even now there is a feeling that ‘YES  I have given myself ten minutes of my time when I am not thinking about myself and the things around me. I felt like watching upon something much bigger from a distance,where silence comes from within and expresses much more than any language.

Aritra Krishna

It was first dark. Then gradually, the surrounding began to take shape, when I recognized myself amidst a forest, trees,shrubs, bushes lay  all around. The sight was beautiful, with a cool breeze blowing and the birds chirping. I could also hear the chant of “om”. I began to walk, trodding past bushes herbs and numerous elegant flowers emerging on a path lined with flowering plants. It finally led me to a circle, where I sat down to experience the divine feeling. What I saw next was above all. Golden creatures shining from their own light were roaming. They were paragons of beauty. After some time appeared a light, golden and bright. I broke my position and walked towards it. After a few steps, I stepped in the light.  My heart was filled with eternal peace, love and joy. I had been transformed into a different reality.

The experience will remain in my memory till the last day of my life.

Sagnik Ray Chaudhary

In the brief while that I was here, I felt really alive, as if I’d entered a new world where almost everything was to my liking. During the meditation, my mind wandered off to places unknown, places filled with such serenity, beauty and peace, in all that however, I felt alone, for I couldn’t share my experience with anyone else. But even though I felt alone, the beauty of the place, it was as if I was walking through a road and on both sides of the road were covered with trees, trees older than time itself, and on the tress little birds were chirupping. After a while I arrived on the shore of a beautiful blue lake, calm as ever. I approached the lake and just as I put my feet in the water, I felt something washing over, like another consciousness that freed me and mde me feel like I was in paradise.

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