Green Kids in the Kitchen

Showing kids how to eat in an eco-conscious way starts at home, so this week’s tips provide fun ideas and teaching moments to enjoy spending time making food with the youngsters in your life.

Tip #1: Create Tasty Treats Without Waste

Packaged snacks are so prevalent that sometimes we don’t even notice how much we’re throwing away. To cut down on the waste, provide kid-friendly refreshments that don’t require any wrapping at all. Making commonly packaged treats at home is fun, especially if you prepare the foods with your child. Cool off with DIY popsicles, try out some flavorful fruit leather, or give kids healthy energy with organic granola bars.

Tell us: What’s your favorite homemade snack?

Tip #2: Find a Trusty Cookbook

Making food at home lets us have more control over what we’re feeding our families. Plus, homemade food means fewer factory emissions, less packaging, and limiting the harmful chemicals we can ingest with processed foods.

Looking for inspiration? Online cookbooks (think paper-free!), including and, offer excellent kid-friendly options. For cooking with children, check out Petit Appetit, a book of organic recipes, Better than Peanut Butter & Jelly, a collection of easy vegetarian recipes, or the classic Betty Crocker kids’ cookbook.

Tell us: What’s your favorite resource for child-friendly recipes?

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