“Being Human” in Apeejay School, Kolkata continues

The Foundation’s Being Human workshops started a new chapter in Kolkata. We began our Workshops on Humanism on the 6th July, 2010 with Apeejay School hoping to start networking with more and more schools in different cities all over the country. The workshops continued from the 2nd to the 5th August in full swing.

The Being Human workshops focus on the ‘Self’ , pushing our youth to discover and express self¬† determining issues like the qualities and core values that define human beings. By putting the students through various situations of conflict, the workshops help understand responses to such conflict and find solutions to greed and hatred which is widespread in society today.

Aman Kothari's description of the mediatation session

The first batch of the workshops in July stretched over 3 days of intense work through tools like meditation and various creative expression exercises. The students, who began with a very disciplined first day gradually loosened up and explored absolutely new facets to themselves as well as others around them.

Mohit Mendiratta's pictorial representation of his feelings during the workshop

The Mirror exercise happened to be a favourite for most of the participants. As Ashish Kothari puts it” Following the other person’s movements was initially tricky, but as the eye contact grew stronger, it started becoming more natural.”It showed Salman Qureshi the importance of coordination and respecting the other person’ s pace.About meditation Ashish wrote ” It was a soothing experience. It was as if colours moving chaotically suddenly¬† came to a more uniform and slow motion.”It helped another student settle his volatile mind and helped him focus more.

Here are some pictures from the workshops.

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