Yuva Ekta at Modern, Barakhamba!

We wrapped up our ten days long, SUPER energetic Yuva Ekta- Summer Workshops 2010 at Modern School Barakhamba Road last wednesday. The power packed workshop had a mix of students from Modern School, Barakhamba Road as well as students from the Salaam Baalak Trust, Tis Hazari, between the ages of  12  and 17 years of age.

During the first few days, students played some interesting ice breaking games where these students from starkly different backgrounds merged and got over their initial inhibitions of interacting with each other. They were grouped according to their ages for various theater and trust building exercises. In the beginning everyone took time to open up to meditations and voice work exercises, but eventually enjoyed them thoroughly. Perkriti from Modern school said ” There were many activities based on confidence building and voice projection.Zip Zap boing was so much fun!!”

During the theater exercises, students connected with some very deeply moving events in their lives and learnt to emote naturally and be true to the characters. The SBT students also shared their life stories with the rest of the group, which moved everyone to tears and brought more cohesiveness into the group.Shubh Anand, a class 11 student from Modern said ” What really moved me was the experiences shared by the SBT students, we were shown the parallel world from our happy lives. Even then, they have a smile on their faces!” At the end of the sharing session, Lalit, one of the SBT students told the others: “This doesn’t mean we want your sympathy or your attention or your food. We just want friendship, an honest friendship.”

Bhavya from Modern school thought Theatre for Social Change is a brilliant idea! Aditi, who has been involved in theater for a while says ” Even though i have played all these games before, it was different this time. So many problems were brought up during our discussions which i now feel very strongly for.”

After ten days, the SBT students and the Modern School students have become genuine friends. Even after the workshops have been wrapped up, the students meet and play cricket, share paranthas and have been bonding happily.

Here are some pictures from the workshops.

Thank You Nalini Das for the awesome pictures!!

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